FAIL: My Top Tier Business Reviews

Hey Dan Brown here!

Now I’ve seen virtually every single My Top Tier Business review that’s online today.

MTTB this, MTTB that…

And then they tell you if it’s good or bad, get it or it’s a SCAM!

Such a joke.

In this real My Top Tier Business review I’m not going to fail you.

I’ll give you the raw facts about what you get.

Not all the benefits. You will logically see the pieces of the puzzle you get and what is left for you to fill in.

Sound fair?

Oh ya, and the benefit to you is I’m going to keep it short.

So let’s dive in…

What happens when you get mttb is you pay a $49 application fee to get in touch with a coach, get access to the mttb 21 steps, and get the bonuses.

Now you also set an appointment to speak to your coach because they will help you work the system.

So you go through the 21 steps right, each one takes anywhere from 15 mins to 60 mins depending.

So you’re at step 3, step 10, step 15, and finally step 21…

After you finish going through the steps you have had numerous appointments with your coach most likely and you implement the training.

All that’s left at that point is for you to drive traffic. That’s where my bonus comes in.

On top of your 30 Day Traffic Plan (you get that after you finish the 21 steps) I’m going to give you a series of trainings and free services to get you bringing in qualified traffic FAST.

Because I’ve been doing this for years and I hear people whining all the time about getting traffic.

Like it’s some kind of mystery????


Traffic is simple. You can buy traffic.

When you know how to buy traffic properly, where you can get a ROI of 200% to 1000% on any given campaign…

You tap the winners and you scrap the losers.

You roll back part of your profits (after paying yourself of course) into advertising the next month AND…

… that’s how you build a HUGE & RELIABLE lifestyle business.

I show you how inside my mttb bonus.

How Does It Work Dan?

So you go through the 21 steps, the 30 day traffic plan, at this point you have set up your special promotion links and a sales funnel which turns cold traffic into cold hard cash.

You drive traffic to the top of the funnel, and then the MOBE sales team goes to work for you. They will call up your buyers and make sales for you, meaning when they sell your leads higher priced products you make a big fat commission, even though you were probably sleeping or out to dinner.

But here’s the best part:

When you join through this link I’m going to hook you up BIG time.

I mean, just look what Devin has to say about how I help my friends out –

I’m here to make it happen for you too. That’s my goal and I’ve put together the PROPER support system to make it happen.

Just click the button below, send in your application and I’ll hook you up with the “bonuses” immediately, but that’s when the FUN really starts…

… I’ll be there with you step-by-step helping you to get past the hurdles and telling you how it is.

No sugar coat needed.

I’ll See You On The Inside,


my top tier business (mttb) bonus button


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